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Ref 140863-019 Stock images by Corbis Super RF image bank

Photo description: Cheerful Older Women in Their Swimwear
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Keywords tags for stock image 140863-019: Carefree Fun Lifestyle Arm in arm 60-65 years 65-70 years 70s adult Middle-aged woman Whites Plastic surgery Beachwear Swim cap Swimwear Laughing Senior woman Vacation Friends Retirees Sisters Eye contact Half-length portrait Posed Tilt Swimmer Cheerfulness Friendship Human relationships Outdoors Recreation Retirement Few Color photography headwear swimming cap swimcap bathing cap Headgear vacationer vacationing travel living life Portrait Half-length mature women mature woman senior Senior adult older women older woman older woman senior citizen mature Women Females Adults seventies middle-aged women middle-age middle aged middle age Middle-aged late sixties late 60s sixties 60s adult early sixties early 60s posing pose emotion content pleasure jolly contented merry happy gladness glad contentment cheery cheeriness cheerful cheer Happiness gaze looking Caucasian tilted wearing Active wear swimsuit sportswear sports wear sports gear garment clothes bathing suit apparel Clothing Siblings retired pensioner retired recreational pastime surgeries Surgery cosmetic surgery operations operating outside gleeful glee grinning grin emotion Facial expression amusement smile laughter laugh expression cheerful amused Smiling relationship enjoy amusement enjoyable enjoying Enjoyment friends camaraderie companionship pal companion human being several small group of people People human Photography arm-in-arm Interaction interacting interact
Corbis Super RF image bank number: CBR001635
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