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License agreement


File: Photo, vector image, video or any other content offered on the website. 
Item for Resale: An item that will be distributed to raise commercial revenue (resale of web templates, T-shirts, books, calendars, etc.). 
Note: An item created at the request of a client is not necessarily considered an Item for Resale. However, if a client distributes or intends to distribute such an item to raise commercial revenue, it is considered an Item for Resale. While working on a project for a client, take into account the final use of the item before purchasing a File, to determine whether it can be used or not. 
Item for Free Distribution: An item that will be distributed to a wide audience without raising any commercial revenue (free web templates, postcards, flyers, giveaways, etc.). 

General Provisions 

By purchasing a File the buyer receives a non-exclusive, non-transferable worldwide right to use it within the scope of the purchased license an unlimited number of times. 

This License allows the use of the purchased File for the creation of different kinds of items (except Items for Resale or Items for Free Distribution, where the File plays a major role in the item and adds value to it). 

Allowed use of a purchased File according to the terms of this License 

An unlimited quantity of copies or impressions
An unlimited quantity of copies or displays for electronic use
The maximum allowed File size for electronic use 1600 x 1200 pixels (for images) and 640 x 480 pixels (for videos)
The creation of Items for resale or Items for free distribution where the File plays a minor role in the item.

The creation of products for resale or Items for free distribution where the File plays a major role in the item and adds value to it IS NOT ALLOWED

Examples of permitted use 

Digital use: articles or publications on blogs or websites; advertising banners; screen savers; wallpapers; software (for PC or mobile devices); e-cards or e-mails; e-books; presentations (PowerPoint, Flash, etc.); movies, videos or TV advertising; unofficial logos, etc. 

Printed use: advertisements in newspapers or magazines; printed advertising materials; covers or illustrations for books, newspapers, magazines; business cards; flyers; posters; CD/DVD covers; wrappers, labels or product packaging; stationery: folders, notebooks, pens, pencils, stickers; charms; calendars; mugs or glasses; mouse pads; T-shirts, clothing, etc. 

Copyright Notice 

If a purchased File is reproduced in mass media (published on a blog or website, in a magazine, in a newspaper or on TV), a copyright notice must be displayed next to the File. This notice must contain the following text: "© Pix5/Name of the photographer". 

Editorial Use Only 

Files marked "Editorial Use Only" are sold under a limited Standard License, and are prohibited for commercial use and advertising. These Files may contain images of people without Model Releases, private property, famous trademarks and other protected elements for which PIX5 may not have the special permissions required for commercial use or advertising. 

Examples of permitted uses of "Editorial Use Only" Files: 

Publishing: newspapers, magazines, etc.; articles or publications on blogs or websites; articles in encyclopedias, reference books, non-commercial use related to important events; non-commercial presentations, TV programs; personal use. 

Examples of prohibited uses of "Editorial Use Only" Files: 

Any commercial purposes; advertising or marketing items, products, trademark promotions. 


The fact of purchasing a File gives the buyer a non-exclusive license for an unlimited period of time on an unlimited territory, without the right to grant or sublicense the File to third parties, and allows use of the File in the creation of any kind of item; however, the author does not abdicate ownership or intellectual property rights to the File. All other rights to the File, including ownership and other intellectual property rights, remain with PIX5 and/or the contributor of the File. 

Prohibited Use of the File

Under NO circumstances can Files be used for the following purposes: 

To create Items for Resale or Items for Free Distribution where the File plays a major role in the item and adds value to it
To make a purchased File available for free downloads;
To create conditions under which the File may be extracted from a product;
To transfer or resell to third parties a sublicense or rights to the File;
To allow third parties access to the File for further use;
To post an unmodified File in e-format larger than 1600 x 1200 pixels (for images) and 640 x 480 pixels (for videos);
To create an official logo, company name, or trademark;
To show a person depicted in the file in sensitive scenarios that could reasonably be considered offensive or unflattering to that person (e.g., related to mental and physical deficits, sexual or implied sexual activity or preferences, crime, physical or mental abuse or ailments);
For pornographic purposes;
For any illegal purposes;
For SPAM mailings;
In items or products used to promote racism or other discriminatory practices that could embarrass the File contributor or a person or model in the File;
For the use, demonstration, and posting of materials in a way that would lead to the conclusion that the model in the File approves of or endorses the items or services of any venture or trademark.